Rajvin Chemicals - Specialty Chemicals and Bio-Pesticides

Specialty Chemicals and Bio-Pesticides


Our environmentally friendly products are compatible with other insecticides and pesticides available in the market. Our agro-chemicals are completely natural and biodegradable.



  • A neem biopesticide (neem oil emulsifiable concentrate) for which all licenses and Central Insecticide Board (CIB) regulatory permissions obtained
  • Completely 100% natural neem oil emulsifier (no synthetic chemicals added) for customized preparations of neem oil based biopesticides
  • Water soluble crop care micronutrients

Product Advantages

Neem biopesticide:

  • Pests do not develop immunity for neem as compared to chemical pesticides
  • Raw materials and processes used for the extraction and standardization of our neem biopesticide are environmentally friendly

Crop care micronutrients:

  • Water soluble nano formulation gives quick penetration, thus, enhancing crop yields

Natural neem oil emulsifier:

  • Based on 100% natural extracts